In Memory of Maggie Me

Ms-Maggie-The-QueenMaggie Mae 07/04/02 – 05/05/14
……………..came to live with me & my former wife at 6 weeks old. She was born in Buford, GA and was purchased because our other Scottie has been taken from us by thieves. Maggie filled the void of our former Scottie very well and begin to make her way into our hearts. One day our former Scottie came back home after breaking loose from the person who had stolen her. Maggie had already grown in my heart and had become a close companion. She was there for me thru a painful divorce, always with the look on her face that everything would be ok.
When Maggie was almost 2 years old, I moved to Austell, GA with Maggie. I had a roommate who really began to loved Maggie and her psychotic ways. Maggie was my little fur baby. She had her very own personality and she always seem to know her place in our home. SHE WAS IN CHARGE of the place. She had a very energetic personality and would sneak away when outside if you turned your head too long. She was an inside dog at heart, but genuinely loved to go outside at every opportunity given.
In the last few years as Maggie had gotten older, she had slowed down and loved to be held and petted on her terms of course. We had a recliner that was basically her chair. She would sit up in the chair and place her paws over the left arm rest and have the look of “WHAT NOW” !!!! She still provided companionship thru all these years and for that I’m very grateful.
We had much confusion around the household when my granddaughter came into this world. Her name is Maddie. So the confusion was pretty much there. I confused their names all the time. The funny thing about Maggie is that she was territorial and when Maddie (THAT BABY) came over, she was not the least bit thrilled. And it showed. She would look at you like “YOU HAVE BROUGHT THAT BABY AGAIN”!!! She would disappear into her little haven and come out when “you know who” left. But when it came down to it, she would’ve protected that baby with everything she had. If someone came to the house, she would stand between them and “that baby”. When that baby went home, all was well and back to normal.
Maggie will always be remembered in my heart as my close companion and friend. She nursed many tears on many nights when there was no one else to listen.
May you rest in peace Maggie Mae and know that our hearts are warmed by the thought of you.
Randy Stamps
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