In Memory of Madeline

1-Main-PhotoYou were my sweet Miss Madge for nine years, and I’ll always cherish the joy you brought into my life. Whether it was chasing squirrels, chewing on Enzadents, or just laying with us on the couch. I took you everywhere, and it made me realize what a true companion you were and what unconditional love feels like. You were rescued by Trippletime Whippets, and I adopted you. You were lost in the woods for 10 days, and I found you. You were going downhill fast, and I had to let you go. We’re still in shock at the loss and are mindlessly wandering the house thinking that you’ll be where you’ve always been. But you’re not. I have to believe in The Rainbow Bridge and that you’re in heaven now, enjoying yourself, and will reunite with us some day. Don’t be afraid to try out the big slide and make some new friends!

I know the last eight months were difficult, given that you couldn’t get up or down and needed potty spotting, and I’m sorry you had to go through this when you fiercely wanted your independence. I’m sorry you had to lie around at Pet Play Place and ultimately get thrown out of doggie daycare because they couldn’t care for you like we could. Like Alex on “The Real Housewives of New York,” you found your voice and began to use it (all that newfound growling and shrill barking when you needed something). I was just too weak to say goodbye and realize that I was keeping you alive for myself and not for you. I so miss rubbing your furry, muscular body, putting your boots on, and holding you up. Your four beds, pillows, and blankets are in my study now, reminding me of you daily, and I want your smell to stay with them forever. I think about you every day. I hope I made a difference in your 17-year life and you enjoyed being treated like a princess. We’ll always love you, Madeline, and never forget how special you were to our little family. That’s me, Cameron, Monkey, Dexter, Miss Abby, and Sock Monkey. We miss you, Sweetie. God bless you.

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