In Memory of Louise

imageSweet Louise was born September 7, 2001, but did not join our family until she was 2 years old. She came to us as a career changed Leader Dog for the Blind, and we were amazed at how smart she was. We couldn’t believe our luck at getting to be the family of such a sweet, funny, adorable girl.

Louise had a very full life. Throughout the years, work has relocated us across the country and Louise was always up for an adventure. She dipped her toes in the Atlantic ocean, sniffed the mighty redwoods, and chased squirrels in the snow. But her favorite times were always together with her family, wherever we were. She loved peanut butter cookies, laying down on a board game as we were playing it, and sneaking up on the couch when we weren’t home.

She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in August and powered through her chemo treatments like a champ, achieving remission in October. But in December, her cancer returned and did not respond to treatment. She died December 29, 2014, at home surrounded by her family. The last thing she saw was our faces and the last thing she heard was us telling her how loved she was.

The hole left in our family by her absence can never be filled, but we are so thankful for every single day we had with her. She will be a part of us forever.
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