In Memory of Leonardo de Cutie (Leo)

Leo-strong-and-boldLeo was brought in to animal control as a kitten found wandering the street on June 16, 2012. I happened to be there that day to take photos of the cats so they might find homes. I came upon Leo sitting all alone in the cage and it was love at first sight. He was adorable and looked just like a little lion….thus the name Leo. Took him home that day, and he was matted and covered in fleas.

It didn’t take long to know the he was not your ordinary kitten. Turns out Leo was a purebred Nebulung who must likely was tossed out because he wasn’t perfect…partially blind (tunnel vision distance sight only) and deaf.

These disabilities didn’t stop him in the least. He made friends with everyone both man and beast. He loved going outside for walks and tree climbing…on a leash, of course. He used his sense of smell to discover new places and once he knew the turf…he was off and running. He could leap higher from a still position than any other cat I’ve ever known. And he loved nothing more than to play string, chase, climb the ceiling to floor scratching pole or a combo of all three at once.

Leo was loved by all his feline friends as well as his human mom and dad. I guess God needed him up in heaven because two short years, almost to the day, is simply not long enough to have enjoyed the companionship of this special guy. We love you so very much miss you terribly…Wee Widdle Weo.
Baby-Leo-6 Baby-Leo-10 Leonardo-1 DSC_1850_230 DSC_1583_648 Leo-in-window Leo-on-tree-ms Leo-on-tree-looking-left-resized Leo-in-window1