In Memory of Leo

Dear Sweet, Precious, Leo … Furry Son #2,

I know that every dog is special, but when you were created the Universe broke the mold. There was no way to improve on you. I am so thankful for the gift you were … delivered to this world somewhere — perhaps even on the same day — as your human brother’s birthday … and found wandering along a stretch of 400 on Mother’s Day … heading in the direction of your new family … gift wrapped in a soft, shaggy silken mane of ebony fur which was your crowning glory … along with your wise, kind eyes and immeasurably vast, eternal heart.

Humanity would do well to sit up and take notice of who you were. We could learn so many things from your gentle, funny, sweet, fun loving, celebratory and profoundly tolerant spirit. You were a true embodiment of unconditional love … there simply was no intolerance in you … you were “Jesus with fur on.” You are the only dog I’ve ever known that I would truly trust to babysit a toddler. You were loving and accepting of everyone and everything, and your constant companionship throughout some of the most tumultuous years of our lives was a soothing balm and refreshing respite of joy. You will always be alive in my heart, Leo. And I will miss you until the day I see you again … which I know I will.

I love you, Puppy! Thank you for gifting us with your selfless presence all these years. Thank you for helping us pause long enough on the hard days to laugh at one of your silly antics. Or cry freely, knowing you were curled up at our feet in complete and unhurried beingness. Until I see you again, I hope you get to run with those amazing long strides you had … that you really are able to talk, if that’s what brings you joy — and if not, that silence feeds your precious spirit like a five course meal. And that you have the finest steak served on gold platters and as often as you like.

I will miss you. I do miss you. Much more than words can convey.


Mum :o)