In Memory of Krystal

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Krystal crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday afternoon. She was a Good Mews kitty from many many years ago. Krystal and her sister, Krispy Kreme, were bottle fed and fostered when they were just tiny kittens in the summer of 1993. My husband and I adopted Krystal on November 29, 1993, when she was just 5 months old. I will always remember how she ‘insisted’ that she was the only one for us. She literally crawled all over me and pushed all those other kittens out of the way. There was no getting around the fact that she was ready for a forever home. When we brought her home, she came out of her carrier, head and tail held high, and never looked back. What a wonderful life we had with her for 19 years! She was really something …

As much as I loved her, it was my husband who stole her heart from day one. She absolutely had him wrapped around her little paw. He made up special places for Krystal and Brutus, her companion kitten, to sleep that first winter when he thought they were cold. Nothing like a flannel sheet tucked under his desk lamp to keep two little cats warm and cozy. They kept him company during the day for many years while he worked from home. Krystal started sleeping under the covers most nights tucked up next to him. For the last two and a half years, she has slept at the head of our bed right in between us each and every night. That was her place and nothing was going to make her move. Far be it that a human might want more space to sleep. All through the happy years she lived with us, she was a Diva and a Queen who got the best of everything including a lot of love. Sleeping in a sunny window and having her ruff combed were two of her very favorite things. She never did ask for much.

Krystal was mostly sweet, sometimes cranky, friendly to everyone and loved nothing more than to be next to her Dad on the sofa. Even during the last months when her health failed, she never became upset or angry with all the medications and treatments. How many cats do you know who will sit and play with a toy while getting fluids? I believe that she knew we only wanted to help her as best we could.

Remember, love your pets while you have them because the time can often be too short. Have fun, Krystal, with Brutus, Rockie and all the other animals you meet that belonged to us, our families and friends. We’ll all be together again one day. We miss you, Queen Kitty, you were the most beautiful cat!