In Memory of Keara Reagan Bradshaw

IMG-20121027-00517Our Little Angel Keara was twelve years old when she passed on Saturday March 30th, 2013. She was a human at heart, and the sweetest dog you would ever come in to contact with. She loved to hunt, eat , and enjoy everyday life with her family and her little but BIG sister. She will be deeply missed not only by her family, but by her 4 year old doggy sister who is four years of age and is 145 pounds. Life without her big sisters Keara has been very devastating. Keara was born in Florida the same day as my dads birthday. My uncle knew when he picked her out that she would be the perfect fit, and boy did he know! She loved to go on rides, walks, and swimming in her baby pool. However, she was terrified of thunderstorms and vacuums. As she got older in age her go to place was her stroller, and multiple beds around the house to keep her comfortable. Keara will be deeply missed, and we thank God for all the time that we had with her on earth.
Snapshot_20121122_11 keke keara-and-sasha