In Memory of Katie

katie-love-2 I miss you my Katie Love so much. I feel empty and cold without you today. I was there when you took your last breath and your precious life silently slipped through my fingers. Thank you for the life we had together and you will always be with me.

I was looking for a cat for several months but none of the cats I visited really stood out to me until Christmas Eve of 2004. I was in Petsmart wasting time until another store opened up. I made my way over to the cats for adoption and there was a little old couple standing in front of the glass. I could tell they were disappointed that they couldn’t get the attention of the cat they were looking at. I stood back patiently waiting my turn. When they walked away I saw the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. She just lazily peeped open one eye and when she saw me she got up and started clawing the glass trying to get to me. That’s when I knew God had made her especially for me.

I got the contact information of the lady in charge of the cat adoptions and had to leave. Bless her heart I must have called her 20 times and I’m sure I seriously got on her nerves. She finally called me back and we met at the store at 11p.m. They opened back up the store just for me. When I held Katie for the first time I was in love immediatly. I took her home and she fit in with the family like she had always been there.

She was my best friend,constant companion,confidant and my precious baby. We had 8 wonderful years together that I wouldn’t trade for the world. A few months ago she was diagnosed with liver issues. She went from 16lbs to 5lbs so fast and there was nothing I could do for her but keep her comfortable. Having her put to sleep was the hardest thing I have had to do but I couldn’t watch her suffer anymore. Sometimes love is letting go what is the most precious us and I know Katie knew she was loved.

Goodbye my Love I will miss you so much.