In Memory of Jewelee “Bella”

imageWhen my mom and I decided to get a dog, I was twelve at the time, I couldn’t have been more excited of the idea. Luckily, my uncle who is now a retired veterinarian told my mom about a woman who worked for him that bred toy rat terriers, and it just so happen that a litter was just born. So when the pups were ready for adoption, my mom and I met with the lady and there Jewelee was, all white with her “jewel” black patch on one eye. She was perfect! We had 13 wonderful years with little Bella and two weeks shy of her thirteenth birthday mom and I took her over to our Vet’s office to get checked out because she was going to the bathroom a lot more frequently and drinking an extremely large amount of water, so we thought maybe she could have diabetes, well we were sadly mistaken. If fact what it was that was causing her to urinate so often was a huge mass in the stomach. My heart just sank in my chest when our veterinarian broke the news to my mom and I. Since Jewelee wasn’t in any sort of pain or discomfort we took her home that evening and just hoped each day that came was a good day until it was that time to let her go. So for 6 good weeks Jewelee put up a real good fight until today. Valentine’s Day. I had just got off work when my mom called to tell me Jewelee wasn’t doing great and she thought it was that time. I never thought I could possibly hurt so bad in my life. But I am at peace knowing she is in a better place without suffering and had an amazing life! She was our first dog and she will never be forgotten.
*Bella, this is for you, we love and miss you always and forever!!!!
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