In Memory of Jack Silvers

Jack-1Jack was a precious black Cocker Spaniel, with brown eyebrows and big feet. Ten years ago, I found Jack running around the parking lot at St. Catherine’s Catholic Church. I was preparing to attend mass, when I saw this puppy running towards the road. I called, “Come here”. He ran towards me and jumped in my arms. He was reunited with the owner, but a day later, she called me to see if I wanted Jack. I told her that I would be there in 5 minutes to get Jack. We had almost ten wonderful years together. Jack loved his toys. He loved car rides.

On March 30, 2013, he became seriously ill. I took him to Cobb Emergency. He had a fever of 106. They worked with him, and then I got him to GVS. Ultrasound showed an inoperable abdominal mass. It was suggested that he go to the Bridge that day. He seemed too perky, as antibiotics were making him feel better. I brought him home. He was still quite ill, but, about 5 days later, he was back to his old self. We had 60 wonderful days together. I rarely left his side during those days. We went to Acworth Beach at sunset each evening. He was not much interested in food, but I could coax him to eat some things, especially his treats. I was happy that he ate anything. He actually ate my kitty’s food and enjoyed it.

A chunk of my heart is missing. Jack was a pure spirit. I know that he is with all of my others who have gone to Heaven. I am sure that they greeted him, along with Jesus, with open arms. I love you, Jack. You were one in a million. Thank-you for finding me ten years ago. Jack went to Heaven on Memorial Day at Cobb Emergency at 10am. Thank-you, Kevin, Jane, Matt, Stephen, and staff, as they have been there for many of my furbabies. – Stephanie Silvers
Jack-Daddy Jack-Mom Jack-Toy Jack-in-the-car Jack-in-yard Jack-on-back Jack-on-bed Jack-on-the-road-again Jack-with-Kitty