In Memory of In memory of Moose, aka Reedsdream’s More Than Ready

DSC1637It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our boy, Moose. Words cannot describe how much he will be missed. He is survived by his adoptive parents, Christopher and Jonathan; his siblings, Zephyr, Dash, and Dizzy; and countless other lives that he touched during his 9 ½ years.

Moose, we don’t know where to start… From the moment we first met, we knew that you were the whippet for us. So relaxed and laid back. You didn’t let anything bother you. You just went with the flow. You were so loving and caring. You would curl up on the sofa next to us and always wanted to be right between us in bed. On days whenever either one of us worked from home, your spot was under the desk at our feet –to which we ran right out and bought a bed to place under there for you. You were in that spot every day; sometimes when we weren’t even in the room. Your other spot was at the top of the stairs where you could keep an eye on everything. We always knew seconds before one of us would come home; somehow, you knew right when we were pulling onto our street and would alert the others. Then, you’d run to greet us at the garage door. You were the calm one. You were the one that was allowed to be out and mingle at parties. We would not have to worry. You would make friends, greet people at the door when they arrived, and walked them to the door when they left –and you had no interest in escaping because you knew where your home was and you didn’t want to leave. The only time you may have wanted to leave is if we happened to say the word “bath.”

It’s going to be a tough road ahead. Things will never be the same. You aren’t going to be here with us to pass out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters this year. Our hearts are broken, but we will go on with the hope that one day you will be there to greet us when we join you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. We love you, Moose. Never forget.
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