In Memory of Foxy

20141206_135931I received a phone call a few days before Thanksgiving 2012 from my mentor with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. I had been fostering dogs, trying to do my part to help. This phone call would change my life, but I didn’t realize it at that time. There was a bonded pair of “senior” dogs who were losing their long time foster. Both needed to be re-homed ASAP, and they HAD to be kept together. 185lbs together. Me, in a townhome. My first thought was “there’s no way”, and then I heard their story. The story of Wesley & Foxy went “viral”. The bonded pair who lost their “mom” to cancer. A mom who gave everything she had left to AAUPR and asked that they not be separated. Their story immediately pulled at my heart strings. I had also lost my mom to cancer. I knew right away that I had to help them. I drove to their fosters house and loaded both of them into the back of my Accord. When we got home, they were nervous and scared. “Potty trained” they were, and their welcome home was accidents around the house. 🙂

Wesley bonded with me almost immediately. My “momma’s boy”. Foxy was very reserved and a lot more independent. She stayed to herself for quite some time. I fostered them for just under 6 months, but not many people are interested in senior dogs, and even less are interested in TWO, especially their size. Finally a family came forward that wanted to adopt them, but they backed out at the last minute. It was at that moment I knew … they were already home. I moved forward with adopting them myself.

Foxy finally “completely” found herself in my home after about 9 months. Her true personality and colors came out. Feisty, moody, attention seeking, needy, sweet, adorable … she was a mix of everything. She loved attention and would swat at me when I stopped petting her. If I showed Wesley attention, she would bark in my face. Everything she did made me laugh!!! She was finally my little girl, and I was finally her momma ♡ Hours spent cuddling, incessant licking … If I had to go out of town, she would cry so hard and loud when I got home and just want to be ON ME. It was never enough and I loved every moment of it. I realized in those moments that I was blessed to share with both of them, that I didn’t save them, THEY SAVED ME! They were my family, my children, my heart ♡

At the end of November 2014, Foxy started “coughing” a lot. Gagging kind of. Her hips were getting bad and we took a trip to the Vet. While we were there, we noticed she had a mass in her mouth. It was decided that she would have surgery and a biopsy. I was ELATED when the results came back from her *3* tumors they ended up finding in her mouth. NO CANCER!!! Phew. Or so I thought. The coughing and gagging continued. I brought Foxy back to the Vet in mid-December. Irritation … maybe an upper respiratory inflammation … Vetprofen. Did nothing. I was away for Christmas and when I returned on 12/29 it had gotten even worse. I made another Vet appointment for that Saturday, 1/3. I asked the Vet to do whatever tests we needed to do to figure out what was going on. When Foxy would have to do anything simple, like get up to go potty, she seemed to be having trouble breathing. Chest XRays were done that day. When the Vet brought her back into the room, I knew immediately something was wrong. “I’m so sorry”, the Vet said … Foxy had very advanced metatastic lung cancer … my heart broke that day and I burst into tears in her office. She said it wouldn’t be long given what she saw and her symptoms. We were too late. The recommendation was to just keep her comfortable.

Over the next few days, her illness progressed rapidly. She no longer got up to do her business, but was urinating in her own bed. She didn’t want to eat, didn’t get up to greet me at the door, didn’t do much but lay in her bed. Each day ripped another piece of my heart out. Wesley stood by watching. She wouldn’t even let him near her, whereas before, they were inseparable. She knew. He knew. I knew. We took it day by day. Each day worse than the day before. Foxy stopped eating on Thursday, 1/8/15. I couldn’t get more than a lick of peanut butter in her. We tried so hard everyday to get her to eat something, anything … One day she ate a piece of cheese and I got my hopes up. But she refused everything from then on. I knew it was coming, quickly. I made the call to the mobile Vet on Tuesday, 1/13/15 and was planning on scheduling Foxy’s passing for Thursday. On Tuesday night, in her extremely weakened state, she attempted to jump on the couch while I was getting a glass of water, fell and broke her foot. Her pain was impossible for me to watch. I called the Vet back in the morning and asked him to come on Wednesday. Foxy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 1/14/15. I lost my best friend.
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