In Memory of Dixie Johnson

10250674_10202731565624586_1808050541_nDixie was simply the best dog ever! She was ours for 11+ years, and we miss her terribly. Our older daughter, Meghan brought her home from college one weekend, she jumped up in my husband’s lap and they bonded immediately. Realizing that college life was no place for that sweet puppy we decided to take her in. Even our beagle, Sally that we lost last year learned to love her. Our younger daughter, Sara had a special bond with Dixie too, when she was home we would usually find Dixie on Sara’s bed every morning. Dixie was a family dog though, she loved us all, and loved a good Sunday nap on the sofa with whoever was napping, (usually me)!

She was a mixed breed, smart and trained easily, with the exception of the many sheets and comforters she chewed perfectly round holes in when they were left alone…she finally outgrew that…just a little separation anxiety I guess! We fenced in our backyard and installed a doggie door not long after we got her, I can still see her and Sally running from one end of the yard to the other enjoying the freedom of being off a leash! She then ruled the yard…wildlife beware!! She was fast…as the years went by she mellowed some and made peace with some of the little critters, but would still chase the squirrels and crows from the bird feeders on command.

She traveled with us or had dog sitters, was never boarded. We have planned a family beach vacation next month, and she was going, just as she and Sally had done before.

At the beginning of her illness, except for not wanting to eat, most of the time she seemed ok, of course she wasn’t. I hand fed her for almost a month, begging her to eat…she would try so hard…stopping for a hug or to give me kiss and then eat a little more. She got too sick to go on and it simply wasn’t fair for her to suffer any longer. She had lymphoma, and died peacefully on July 25, 2015. God doesn’t make dogs any better than our Dixie was. I’m sure she and Sally are running together again…Your family misses you sweet Dixie girl, we loved you so. Give Sally a kiss for us.