In Memory of Diamond Lexy Bear

lexy-2012Lexy joined our family May 2000 she was such a wonderful girl and she meant the world to me! she wasn’t just family she was my BEST friend! Her and i went threw so much together for the last 16yrs she was Always by my side if i was Happy or Sad, the times when i was sad i could always depend on her to make me smile!! all i had to do was just pick her up and hug her and i knew everything was gonna be Okay! her eye sight started going bad in 2003 and she was totally blind by 2009 but she was still such a happy girl and never let the blindness slow her down. for the last couple months of her life i knew she was just holding on for me i felt like she knew how sad i would be with out her! As hard as it was August 4th 2015 i had to say good bye i could no longer see her in pain and suffering! i just wanted her to be at peace. I know i will be with her again one day but until then there will be an Huge empty spot in my heart! RIP my LEXY!!!!
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