In Memory of Dartanian

022402312In Memory of Dartanian
August 28, 2016

Dartanian had a full, long and wonderful life. He was a beautiful and awesome cockatiel, always stood tall and proud. Jessica my daughter got him when she worked at Pets Mart over 20 years ago. Named him after the fourth musketeer.

He came to live with me about 12 years ago. I had 2 other birds. Daisy is the one he loved. They mated for the first time in June 2006. He had 3 babies Jr, Maisy and Buttercup. He was such a good daddy. Always took care of his babies feeding them, standing over them so Daisy could leave the nest for a few hours each day. Guarded the outside of the nesting box at night. They mated again in 2008. Only one egg hatched. Freckles was born April 2008.

He liked to eat spaghetti, rice, lettuce, spinach leaves. He liked to fly around and land on the top of the cupboards. He liked to sit on my lap to watch TV with me while getting his head rubbed. He loved it when I put the cage outside especially when it was raining. He loved the rain to clean his feathers. I have a perch in the shower and we would shower together. He also was a great singer and would strut back and forth on the perch like he was dancing. He seemed so happy.

He seemed to like males. At home he would always whistle to Paul and let him kiss his belly. Paul always called him “Macho” because he didn’t like the name Dartanian and thought the name Macho was a better name for this great bird. We went to FL each year and he always wanted to sit on Jerry’s shoulder. When I went away he stayed at Ross’s house with the other birds. Garth baby sat the birds. Dartanian through really got along with Garth. He was the favorite.

When he got sick he went to stay with Jessica. He liked being with his first mama. She would snuggle and sleep with him. You could tell he was happy to be with her.

We love you Dartanian!
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