In Memory of Darcy

Darcy came to me on June 19, 2007 through Cobb County Animal Control. We found each other on June 16th, and I was able to bring her home on Tuesday, June 19th. She was 5 years old. People would say how lucky she was but I was the lucky one. She made everyday fun and not a day went by that she didn’t make me laugh out loud at least once. She was a Scottish Terrier and such a girlie-girl. When she got groomed, just like any female, she did not like her haircut for the first few days and let me know with the looks she gave me. Her one fault, if she had one, was that she was a bed-hog. She liked to sleep right up next to me and heaven help me if I moved. She would growl and let me know that I was disturbing her beauty sleep. I miss that little warm body next to me and would love to hear that growl just one more time. She will be missed but the memories she left me are endless and priceless. Rest peacefully my sweet girl.