In Memory of Crissy Brown

Crissy-HealthyOh wow Crissy was just too sweet! She was a Pekingese mix. I was told she was mixed with Sheltie. She looked like a Rottweiler mix. She had long black silky hair. She was full of energy and playful and very smart, almost human like. It was eerie sometimes the way she stared into my eyes, just a constant stare when i talked to her like she knew exactly what i was saying. I adopted Crissy from Mostly Mutts on December 5, 2005. We had her until September 3, 2013. She got an infection in her skin and after several times on antibiotics and steroids she just never could heal. In the end the Vet believes she had Autoimmune Disease. I ended up feeding her food to her from my hand and feeding her yogurt and probiotics and Virgin Orangic Coconut oil from a spoon. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see her going from a dog full of energy runnig up and down two flights of steps and a long hall to fetch her toy to a dog that could not get up and walk because her foot pads had come off and her feet were raw. The Vet offered to keep Crissy for two weeks to help get her healed but she only lasted one week. I still cannot believe when i left her that would be the last time I would see her and i can only pray that she knew i left her there to get full-time care and that i did not abandon her. It still kills me to know she left this world in a Vet’s office and not at home with me. I wonder if she was at home if she would have faught harder to live. I don’t know. My days are filled with I should have done this, maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Just days of regret! I loved and still love my baby with all of me and i just hope she knew that. I always felt she knew all of the times i was putting pills down her throat and putting ointments on her that i was doing it out of love and not just to irritate her.
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