In Memory of Cooper

2014_12_01_10_30_430007Our boy Cooper. He was quite simply THE BEST. He was 8 weeks old when my daughter and I chose him from a litter of 8 brothers and sisters. Although it’s quite possible he chose us just the same. From that point forward, he was a bonafide member of our family and took that position to heart. He had a different role with all 4 of us. He was my right hand…always there and at the ready to play ball or wrestle on the floor. With me as I would work in the office or outside in the yard. He was my wife’s protector…there by her side when I was away on business. There with her when she slept in…and when she was getting ready for work in the morning. As long as she was upstairs, so was Cooper. He was my daughter’s safety blanket…the ultimate cuddle bug…and the ultimate confidant. And he was my son’s first friend. The big black furry friend who was bigger than he was but who was completely understanding of who this small child was…and who would eventually become his best play buddy. And he was. And finally, he was a mentor to our newest fur child…showing him exactly how to act as a member of our family.

Cooper was with us for 13 1/2 amazing years consisting of nearly the entire time my wife and I have been together, 2/3 of my daughter’s life, and all of my son’s life. We have only just discovered exactly how much Coop will be missed. Last night, our first night without him, I missed his snoring. I missed his “role call” as we all retired for the evening. I missed my goodnight chat on the floor next to his bed before climbing under my covers. This morning, I missed his cheerful gaze as I walked passed his bed to start a new day. And I missed him being the last one down stairs after assuring everyone had completed their morning routine and was off to their respective responsibilities.

I’m sure there will be many more things we will miss about our boy Cooper as the next few days and weeks pass. But one thing we do know now is that he will be missed for the remainder of our days and our love for him will never die. He was this family’s heart and soul. I know that he is no longer in pain and is playing ball and swimming and running and jumping to his huge heart’s content at the Rainbow Bridge…waiting for each of us to join him again in heaven.

Rest in peace, my good boy…and remember…you are THE BEST.

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