In Memory of Cocoa Puff

Cocoa-Puff-on-chairMy sweet “little guy”, so soft and gentle, a delicate soul. You will forever be in my heart and memories. I was blessed to have you as a constant, faithful companion for almost 18 years. You will not soon be forgotten. I miss you every day.

Cocoa Puff came to me as a kitten when a friend discovered her son was allergic to him. He was a timid, fluffed up ball of dark chocolate fur with the cutest face I had ever seen. He grew into a big, gorgeous, long haired, solid black cat, part Maine Coon, very handsome, and weighing in at 17 pounds. Even though he was a large presence, he was as gentle as a lamb, shy around strangers, and always a “mamma’s boy”.

Cocoa Puff loved to play with lights; a flashlight, a laser pointer, or any reflection, such as off my jewelry or glasses. He was curious and smart, easy to train, and always trying to be compliant to please me. In short, he was the best cat I could ever have hoped for. He loved me well and I loved him like a child. He will be dearly missed.