In Memory of CK

CK—from Pound Pup to SuperHero
In Memory of CK
I had lost a little dog named Chipper in November, 1997. It caused me unbearable grief, until March 13, 1998, when I visited Cobb County Animal Shelter. Was I ready? What am I looking for? Finally I saw a bright-eyed little black dog who made immediate eye contact, and very little tail movement.

I sat with him in the bonding room for a few minutes, then adopted him. He put his paws on the steering wheel and drove himself home. He was a lot of fun, but was never a baby. Always wanted to be one step ahead.

I went to Cedar Key, Florida, for several months, bringing him and his older sister, a small German Shepherd mix named Enya. He took over the Island, checking every inch, going to the Post office, the Water Company, even some condos where tourists were staying.vHe never met a stranger and never had harsh growls. He was all about having fun.

He became such a big shot, I decided the best name for him would be C.K., as he assumed ownership of the town. When I came back to Marietta, I started working in hospice. I knew how much he loved people, so I got him trained as a therapy dog. He always loved “going to work”. Through the years, I changed jobs several times, but I would take him visiting in nursing homes.

We would go back to cedar Key at least once or twice a year, sometimes for months at a time. He and any other dog I had at the time, especially Enya, would always be ready to hit the Gulf water,swimming and frolicking. There were always one or two other dogs, but he kept going, outlasting all of them. I couldn’t believe when he turned 16, 17, 18?? But he kept going. He lost some of his vision, and his legs became weak. I found GA vet Rehab, who helped restore some of his mobility. He still showed that Mr. Big personality. He made remarkable progress, and no doubt gained at least another year by having improved mobility. Then he started having difficulty breathing. On Monday, March 15, he slowed down dramatically. His little sister, Cokie, sat at his side, and comforted him. The next morning, after a night of discomfort, I got him on the bed with me and fell asleep. When I awoke, He had quietly gone on to the bridge in my arms. He gave me the peace I needed knowing he went quietly.

There will never be another like him, nor should there be.

Special thanks to Chastain Clinic, Dr. Lori Germon, Suwannee Valley Veterinary Clinic, and GA Vet Rehab, for helping me keep him healthy and happy for so many years.

And thank God for the gift of devotion and never ending love.