In Memory of CiCi

cc5As a member of the Atlanta Braves Tomahawk Team, we are always going under the stadium to an area called the cage where we keep all of our supplies. During the 2012 season, a little visitor made an appearance in “the cage”….a small (and extremely talkative) cat! This little girl stole my heart from day 1, always running out to greet me, and I knew she needed to leave Turner Field and come home with me. After taking CiCi to the vet, they estimated her to be about 1 years old and unfortunately I was told she had Feline Leukemia. FeLV is a very terrible disease in cats and I knew it would affect her down the road, but from the moment she arrived at my apartment, it did not slow her down a bit! CiCi became the little princess of the house! Her favorite thing to do was to jump on the bed and cuddle up right on top of me or right in my arms. She would talk and talk and talk (which I loved to capture on video and in pictures) and loved to sit in her cat tree house I set up by the window and look outside. She also enjoyed seeing her old friends from the field (the Tomahawk Team) whenever they came over to visit. CiCi was absolutely the most affectionate and loving little girl I have ever seen. She was more than just a pet…she was my best friend. CiCi lost her battle with Leukemia on June 15, 2013, at almost 2 years old. I never would of thought that by bringing this little chatty stray into my home that she would change my world. The Leukemia took her away from me way too soon but I will never ever forget what she taught me and all she did for me. I have been told she was lucky to have found me, but I am truly the lucky one to have had a chance to love and care for such an angel. CiCi, you will ALWAYS be my precious little baby and I will love you forever!!!
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