In Memory of CiCi Crawford

IMG_4844In the summer of 2001, our son Austin (9 years old) asked for a kitty. Not really wanting have a kitty, I told him that the kitty would have to land in my lap for us to consider keeping one. It was shortly after that conversation, that I was getting my hair cut at a friends house when she said ‘our cat had kittens, would you like one’? Oh, no the kitty that feel in my lap ! Austin had 3 kittens to choose from, two orange and one black. I tried to explain to him it would be best for the kitten to choose him, so we went to the store to buy kitty supplies and when we returned, the black kitty was waiting on the garden steps for Austin while the two orange kitty’s played in the tall grass. As we passed CiCi’s Pizza, Austin named her CiCi! She never cried all the way home and became an important part of our family always following one of us around the house or on patrol outside when we were in the yard or reading in the sun. She brought us many birds, lizards, chipmunks and even a baby rabbit that my husband managed to save and release back to the yard … hated to chew her out for bringing us such prizes! Only once, did she walk beyond our property line by herself. We had walked to the mailbox and she decided to go across the street, alone! I sat and waited for her to get it out of her system and sure enough she returned running as quickly as she could to the safety of our garage. Our ‘Purrr Machine’ brought us all much joy and companionship. CiCi girl loved to be brushed and drink water from the faucet. In her honor, we will spread her ashes in our garden. Her spirit will always live in our hearts and we are grateful to God that she choose Austin! Passed on, no longer in pain and waiting at Rainbow Bridge, March 11, 2013.
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