In Memory of Cassie D’Antoni

9-2012-CassieCassie was our 17-year old female cat. She was a great companion to our older male cat. However, after Bailey passed away, she became a “momma’s girl.” She was not overly fond of our 2 large dogs, but she tolerated them. For most of her life, strangers to the house wouldn’t see her, but she would come out and lay with Bailey, putting her arm around him. She loved him!

I really miss her!
3-2012-Bailey-Cassie 4-2013-Bailey-Cassie 5-2016-Cassie-sleeping 7-2016-Cassie-window-seat 8-2016-Cassie-in-the-sink Cassie-2009-xmas Cassie-1999 Cassie-Rick-1999 Cassie-12-yr-holding-Bailey-15-yr-12-2011