In Memory of Brandy Renee’

Brandy Renee’ came to me via being dumped in a Petsmart parking lot where I worked as a bather. We kept her for a week thinking someone would come get her. She was all pekingese , mean as a rattlesnake and cute as a button. Our store manager wouldn’t let us keep her there any longer. So I took her home. 18years later I still had her. She was my best friend. I LOVED her so, she never really got nicer. She was my best buddy. We went everywhere together she knew me and I knew her. Its has been four years since she passed and I have this hole in my heart where she is. I think about when we played together , the way she loved to ride in the car, when she would run off and making me chase her, holding her in my arms while I danced and sang to her. She was something else. I have a new lil pekingese and love Him , but Brandy I could have had her friendship forever. My friend used to tell me when she passes it will be a river of tears for you. It has been sometimes its just a stream, sometimes a river then there is days like today its a flood of tears. I miss you Brandy Renee’, my lil “rae rae”(cause she was my ray of sunshine) my toasted marsh-mellow girl.