In Memory of Bogart

198498_10151219256371799_419237173_nBogart the opossum came to live with us in July 2010 as a tiny baby that the cat brought home to eat. He had to be fed with a syringe every two hours. We instantly bonded and were side by side every day of his life. Opossums are very clean and tidy and have a low body temperature (so they do not get viruses like parvo, distemper, or rabies). They have no natural defenses except to show their 50 teeth and hiss or involuntarily play dead (neither of which Bogart ever did). They typically do not make it to be two years old in the wild and seldom make it to 3 or 4 years old as pets. Bogart became paralyzed in the rear when he was two and had to start wearing diapers (and onsies to keep the diapers on). We built him a little wheelchair and he was just as mobile in it as he was before. As a pet he required a high calcium and low protein diet to avoid bone disease. He especially loved tomatoes! He was my constant companion and would make a little clicking noise to get my attention. He loved to snuggle in my lap or lay on my chest. He had a very distinct personality and helped a lot of people to understand and appreciate opossums. Opossums love to eat spiders, scorpions, roaches, snails, and even snakes (they are immune to venom). Bogart was like a child to me and I loved him more than any other animal I have ever had. I dearly miss him every day. I know we will be together again on the other side. I love you Bogie man! Momma misses you so very much! BOGART (May 2010 – Dec 4, 2013)
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