In Memory of Blue

Blue-001Our big boy Blue (AKA Go-Go, Scooter) left us on March 8 2013. Blue was born in the Lemoore CA area on July 28 1999. Cheryl found Blue, or should we say Blue found Cheryl at the local Lemoore CA pet store when she went to the store with Joseph, her son, for salt water fish supplies. Blue charmed Cheryl with his baby blue eyes and mostly spotless little body. Blue’s eyes were always a draw to people, baby blue with natural black eyeliner. Right down to the last people to see Blue alive, this guy got noticed for his beautiful looks.

For over 13 years we were blessed to have Blue as part of our lives. He brought a smile to each day with his warm greetings, attention, and goofy ways. He loved everyone including other animals and children. Many times children were curious of him because of the famous Disney movie. He would gladly allow children to approach with his gentle way and allow them to touch him.

Blue was quite the terrorizer for the first few years. When we got Blue we also had Luke, a Doberman that was 11 years old. We could not keep Blue from tearing up the bed in the garage where he and Luke slept. We don’t recall how many blankets and pads Blue shredded. One of the beds we had was a large lounge chair pad. It did actually last a few weeks. But during a week when we were taking an evening cooking class that was held three nights in a row, we guessed that Blue must have got a little tired of us not being home. When we opened the garage door on that third night it looked like it had snowed in our garage. The pad was shredded in hundreds of pieces. When we confronted the dogs, Luke gave the look like it was not me, it was that little #$@%, and swiftly made his exit with his tail tucked between his legs.

We think Blue’s favorite food was fresh tomatoes. Every year we planted a garden and Blue would go on patrol for ripening fruit. He would get into the garden and come out with bright green tomato juice all over his face from picking through the plants. Most years we think Blue ate more tomatoes from the garden than we did.
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