In Memory of Benji Tapp

benji was daddy and mommys little boy,we got him in dec of 2005 for christmas.he was the sweetest and loveable little boy in the whole wide world.He knew how to get his way from the beginning to the end,he would pout and go under the bed and would not come out till he got his way.When we had to go to doctor appt he would lay on the couch and wait for us,and when we returned he would meet us at the door and give us all the kisses we could take.When we went to the store we told him we would bring him a suprise,when we got back with the bags and set them down on the floor he would go through each bag to find his prize and then he was happy. Benji has his own room which we fixed up for him with t.v. and his bed and then his daddy moved in with him. He slept with his daddy sometimes and in his bed sometimes. The last two weeks Benji wanted to sleep with mommy. We know he was trying to tell us something on tuesday when he would come to us and crawl up in our lap.Befor that he would come up to us and kiss us in a different way and we knew he wanted to eat or a treat.Benji loved his baby sissy!s. He loved to play with the babies and his bigger sissys. Now that GOD has taken you away we have a empty place in our hearts and in our home,he will never be replaced.
We would like to thank Dr.Boozer at cobb internal medicine and DR.AIKEN at Bullards Hospital in Austell.
We will miss our dearly loved little angel.