In Memory of Benghi

benghiRIPIn 2001, Benghi (“Bengal Boy”) was brought into our yard as a kitten by his stray mother, Mommy Cat, along with his two sisters, Tortie and Bootsie. Benghi was friendly, outgoing, inquisitive, bright and sweet. He was a big boy and had beautiful, large eyes and a broad nose that made him look like a lion or tiger. He loved to lick butter or whipped cream off the tip of your finger and always knew when we were eating his favorite type of cookie- shortbread -and came into the room to beg for a bite. He learned how to do “gimmie five” by putting his paw in your hand when he wanted a treat. His feline friend, Shadow, loved him very much and followed him around the house. She misses him very much, as do we.