In Memory of Bailey Nulty

imageBailey was the best dog ever. We called him “Velcro-dog” because he was so attached to us. You couldnt walk 10 feet and he was there, right by your side. We did a lot of research to find the “perfect” dog for our family. He was our constant…he was the first to greet us with every baby we brought home, he was the first to jump in the van when we went on family road trips. Bailey was incredibly mischievous. Locks were put on our pantry to keep him out, snacks were hidden in closets and lids better be put on the food cooking on the stove. He had a tongue a mile long! He was a popcorn lover and a chipmunk chaser. Bailey was smart, he would do anything to distract you so your sandwich could be enjoyed by his lips. Sadly, he knew it was his time to go. He made sure to spend precious moments with each of us last Friday night. He snuggled in bed with each of us and said his goodbyes quietly. Bailey, you gave us joy with all of your heart and we will miss you with all of ours. Rest in peace, Mr. Bailey Bo.
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