In Memory of Bailey

hpim07251We found Bailey at the shelter a week after our first kitty crossed the rainbow bridge. We weren’t expecting to adopt that day, but Bailey stole our hearts. I remember the minute we walked into the cat room a woman said, “Look, he’s staring at you!” He put his paw through the cage as though beckoning us to come over. The minute I held him, he curled up in my arms and started purring and kneading. I knew then he was coming home with us.

For 13 years, he was the best cat. He liked to talk and play games. We’d hide his favorite toys at night, and he always found them. We’d hear him chirping at night and know he’d found his quarry! He came when we called for him. He was always around us.

Bailey survived pancreatitis and congestive heart failure only to succumb to cancer which came out of the blue. To the very end, he tried to act as normal as he could, even though he couldn’t get around well.

Thank you, Dream Land, for letting us bring him home.