In Memory of Augustus

4/25/03 – 4/28/14

Augustus Zachariah Austins entered our lives at the age of 4 as a dog to be fostered and brought back to health from a background of extreme physical and emotional neglect. He was “skin and bones” at 70#, had virtually no coat due to fleas and skin infections, and barely resembled a Great Pyrenees. But his spirit was unbroken and he still trusted that his life would be better. With the guidance and support of Harry and Elias, our two resident male Pyrs, the true Gus emerged – a handsome, 140#, kind, gentle and loving truly “great” Pyr. He found his way into our hearts and became a “member of the family” – a constant companion with a big heart who just wanted to be with us wherever we went or whatever we did.
Gus was a true “people dog” – from the senior citizens who would gently pat him and tell him of the dogs they had loved to the little ones who buried their hands in his fur and gave him a big hug or even a kiss. Gus loved walks in the park, whether in Indianapolis for several years or here in Kennesaw. He also liked “road trips” with his “brothers” and eventual “sister.” Gus was by no means “Pyrfect – his most memorable escapade was jumping out of a hay wagon on a moonlight ride! He was on pain (genetic dysplasia) and thyroid medications for most of the time he was with us and giving Gus his daily pills could be a real challenge – some days were easy but the record for unsuccessful attempts stands at nine until we finally got it done! And Gus loved food, his own or any human food that he was allowed to have. Even with his aging hearing, he never missed the sound of the lid on the cookie jar, hoping that it contained his favorites Oreos and he could charm us into giving him one or two (which of course we did).
With his gentle nature, Gus made friends wherever he went. His special place was the dog park here in Kennesaw. He particularly liked bulldogs, the young dogs who would cuddle next to him (or under him) when the action got too rambunctious, and of course his “lady friends.” He also managed to greet every human who was in the vicinity. Gus celebrated his 11th. birthday on Friday; Saturday was a beautiful morning at the dog park with many of his canine and human friends. On Sunday, he was one of about 130 Pyrs gathered at the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta annual picnic. Sadly, when we arrived home that day Gus could no longer use his back legs. He bravely tried to walk but the dysplasia in his hips and the wear and tear on his spine could no longer be overcome. An injection of pain medication enabled him to rest and to spend one more night with us.
On Monday morning, with the help of our compassionate vet, Gus was reunited with Elias, Lady and Harry at the Rainbow Bridge. Our Gus was truly “love on four feet,” the unforgettable boy forever in our hearts and in our memories.
Rest in peace, beloved Gus.