In Memory of Asti

IMG_67591We rescued Asti, a Chow/Great Pyrenees mix, in September 2001 from an animal control facility north of Atlanta. She was an amazing 4-year-old with quite a personality, and it was mutual love at first sight for all of us from the minute we all met. And she patiently tolerated (and loved!) our other furry kid, Lucy, who at 1/4 Asti’s size playfully tormented her fluffy tail on a daily basis.

Asti was an absolute joy to be around. She was a gentle giant who loved running, jumping and playing. Asti made us laugh with her almost-human facial expressions and heavy sighs; still demanded family snuggle time on the bed, even though she took up nearly half of it; and we cringed when she brought her bunny friend home with her on Easter morning (yes, Easter morning). She gave us unconditional love every single day. We were a lucky bunch.

We lost our beautiful girl on November 1, 2009. My husband found her laying in the backyard underneath our bedroom window. She looked like she had just fallen asleep. We just prayed that she didn’t suffer. We said goodbye to our sweet Asti-pup, wrapped her up in her blanket while we cried our hearts out, and counted our blessings that she shared her life with us.

We miss you Asti-pup; you’ll always be in our hearts.
AstiPup-300x22555 IMG_69421 IMG_67881 AstiPaw1