In Memory of Ariel

19Ariel was my first only dog. She was truly my baby. I first got Ariel when she was three days old. She was the runt of her litter, her eyes not even open yet and the most adorable little crooked tail. The owner of her doggy mom didn’t want the puppies and so left them with the vet. She wasn’t eating and they were afraid she would die, but she ate for me. She drank two bottles that first time I held her and I fell in love.

As she continued to grow and her personality continued to develop I only grew to love her more. There was never a child or another animal that she didn’t want to play with. Though she was the runt of the litter to begin with, she ended up being the second biggest of all of her siblings. We used to go on hikes in the mountains were she would chase fish and birds alike.

When we were at home she was always my best friend and my biggest comfort. Whether wagging her tail and spinning around in circles when I was excited or curling up in my lap when I was sad, she was always there for me. I always thought I would have many more years with her and I still feel pangs of grief when I walk through the door after work and she isn’t waiting there for me.

My parents especially loved her. When I first brought her home after moving back to Georgia from Tennessee my dad wasn’t to crazy about having a dog in the house. Before I knew it she was answering to corporal (my dad was in the Army) and he was feeding her scraps on the sly. She used to slowly creep up into my mom’s lap, not an easy feat for a 34 lb dog, under the guise of being petted and then my mom would look down and scold her for being on the couch while still petting her.

Ariel passed much too soon at only four years old. She loved to run around and was struck by a car after getting out the front door of the house on September 2, 2012. Though she was hurt she managed to make it home to say good bye one last time.

Ariel was more than a pet, she was my babygirl and one of the brightest lights in my world. She will be missed so much.

Rest in peace Ariel, I Love You.

Ariel (aka corporal, arie bear, and bunny)- July 22, 2008-September 2, 2012
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