In Memory of Angel Pie Super Dog

71466_10151437939979389_2039356727_nIt was 12 years ago, I was working in Dallas Texas and our warehouse was in a not so nice part of Dallas. I saw three men chasing a clearly immaciated dog and so I told them to leave it alone and I followed the dog. The dog hid in a bush and I sat for an hour talking to it. After a while the dog came out of the bush and over to me and put its head on my leg. Thats when I met my best friend Angel. She was so skinny and beaten, so I took her to the vets and they fixed her up and I took her home. She was with me every day since then. She was the most amazing dog Ive ever known. She licked away my tears when I was sad, she told me when she wanted a treat or a walk, she gave me five and gave me lots of kisses.

I lost my baby on the 20th July at 8.20am. My heart is broken in to a million pieces and it will never mend. I loved Angel more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life. She was and always will be everything to me. I dont know how Im going to deal with this. I havent stopped crying since I lost her and my heart hurts so bad and I just keep hoping she is going to be there when I walk thru the door after a long day, but all the wishing in the world is not going to make that happen.

I want to thank Angel for saving me just like I saved her. Im a long way from home and family and so i relied on her so much for emotional support and love, and she gave it to me unconditionally. I loved you from the second i met you and I will love you till the day we meet again. My heart died the day you left and I will never get over you. You where the greatest friend a person could hope for. You where a precious gift from God and I pray that you are happy and safe and still by my side.

Good night my heart. I will never mend and I will always love you xxx

Run with the Angels my darling xxxx
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