In Memory of Adric aka “Fluff”

Adric (fluff)You joined our family in 2000. What an awesome buddy you’ve always been to us and to our many friends. You became the star of every get-together that we ever hosted. “Where’s Fluff?” was the traditional greeting our guests would bestow on us, only when you hadn’t already greeted them before we could, as if they were each your best friend.

We’ll miss your comforting presence and the great conversations we frequently had. How will we coordinate wardrobes without you to talk us through it each morning? And what can possibly take the place of your biscuit making marathons regardless of the time of day (or night)?

You were, quite simply, the best of the best. Thank you for all the love you gave to us and for always making each day better, just by being present. You will always be incomparable. That’s just who you were to us, and to all those who ever met you.

Friendship forever buddy,

Adric (fluff) Adric Fluff on my jeans, fresh out of the dryer