In Memory of Herschel

1990 – 11/2/2007

You were given to me as a present on my 29th birthday on November 14,
1990. I named you Herschel after the great Georgia Bulldog running back
Herschel Walker. I am a die hard Georgia Bulldog fan and there was
never any question about your name. You were Herschel from day one. I
don’t know the exact date of your birth but you were about six weeks
old when I first met you.

I have always been a cat person and had lots
of kittens and cats growing up as a child and you were my second cat
that I owned in my adult life. You have been a true companion and
friend for 17 years of my life and have provided me with many moments
of laughter and fun with your wonderful personality and unconditional
love. I will never forget how rambunctious you were as a kitten running
up and down the stairs and jumping on everything that you possibly

You would lurk in the corner and pounce on my legs as I walked
by. As you began to age you became a much quieter and peaceful pet. You
were really never the lap kitty — unless it was on your own terms,
Every time I started to read the newspaper you decided that it was time
to be he’d and purred. You would quickly jump on the newspaper as to
say, Hey, what about me —? Yes ,that is when you demanded my greatest
attention. Needless to say there were times the newspaper did not get
read thoroughly.

You had a great motor machine. You could purr with the
best of them. I would be remiss if I did not mention your great love
for human food. Your favorite by far was chicken and canned tuna. I
could start to open the tuna and you and your friends would come
running,. You, also, loved chocolate ice cream bars and cherry and
grape popsicles. You would stand there and lick both until I thought
your tongue was going to freeze. You even had some cherry Popsicle the
night before you were put to sleep. Amazing since you really had not
eaten much the last week. Of course you will always best be remembered
for your love affair with the infamous pink string with the blue fur
ball attached.

Even though you were neutered ,very young in your life,
your pink string was your female friend. I remember you pulling that
string out of the bottom of a sweatshirt many years ago and yes, it has
been your sweetheart since that time. I tied a blue fur cat toy ball on
it which you, also, loved. I always told everyone about your pink
string episodes and yes, one evening while having friends over for
dinner you proceeded to put on a show for them. Those images of you
carrying that string around the house almost every day for many years.
Holding it in your teeth while you proceeded to knead on the ball with
a little hip action meowing the entire time until you were finished,
will be funny images etched in my mind for the rest of my life. We also
had to put the pink string up before going to bed because if we did not
we would inevitably have to get up and take the string away from you.

You woke us up many times over the years because of our failure to pick
up your little friend before going to bed. You have, also, shared the
house with Jonel, your other mommy and her daughter, Taylor, until she
moved out in the spring. Let’s not forget your other cat friends,
Nightmare, age 12, Samantha, age 7 and GI’mo age 3. GI’mo moved out
with Taylor in the spring and I know you were glad to see GI’mo leave
as he was a little too young for you. Nightmare always licked your he’d
and ears for you until you got tired of that and would swat at him. The
last two years of your life was at a much slower pace than you previous
15 years.

You spent most of your days on the front bed upstairs looking
out the window. You loved to have the window open and loved the morning
sun shinning through each day. I wrestled with my decision to have you
put to sleep for the last six months. You were having such a hard time
going up and down the stairs because of your arthritis and I knew when
you stopped eating the last three days and stopped going to the
bathroom it was time You knew it too. You looked at me as if to say it
is okay and I’m ready —.

Jonel took me to the vet with you riding on my lap on
November 2 and Dr. Towles, who has taken such a great care of you for
years, put you to rest about 12:20 PM. You did not fight death but went
so peacefully to kitty heaven. I will never forget you and all the
wonderful years of unconditional love and companionship that you
provided me with. You will never be forgotten and your memory will live
in my heart for the rest of my life. We all miss you and the last
couple of days have been some of the hardest emotional days of my life.
I know you are not suffering anymore and are truly at peace. Thank you
for 17 terrific years. You will never be forgotten my friend. I love

We miss you and will love you always.

Susan, Jonel, Nightmare and Samantha