In Memory of Harley D.

My Harley D. 01/29/2011
I can remember back when I drove out to the country to this little farm that raised Rat Terriers to pick out my dog. She stood out from all the others. She was the biggest one there among her brothers and sisters. Being only 7 weeks old she stood straight up, chest out, like she was their protector. I met her mother and father; they were full of energy and jumping all over the place. We took her home and from there the adventure started.
When I think back, Harley was there thru all my ups and downs. My happy times, my not so happy times, heart breaks etc. She had a unique personality. She was like no ordinary dog. Harley had common sense; she understood things and was very easy to train. I didn’t ever have to worry about her tearing my place up, going potty on the carpet or being rough with others. She loved people and she loved attention and being heard. I took her to this Rat Terrier dog show when she was just under a year old back in 1999 and she was great! To be so young and little with these long legs… she came out with 4 wins. She never had any training before yet she listened so well. I was walking next to her thru each course and she would look up at me to make sure I was watching her and seeing how good she was doing. She wanted to please us so much. She was simply amazing!
As the years went by her head stayed the same size but her body grew and grew. She never missed a meal. That girl loved to eat, eat and eat. I really feel that she was chosen for me. She made me a better person even more now that she is gone. She never liked when I got angry or raised my voice. She would get in between whomever at the time I was fighting with and let us know just how much she didn’t like our tones. She would make this crazy little noise and then would run up to me and almost hug me with her long limbs and drown me in wet kisses. She had a way about her like no other dog I have ever had. She always made me feel safe. Although she was 39lbs when she really should have been 29lbs for her breed she had these teeth that came out of her mouth almost like the Alien from the movie. It would scare others, but me I would laugh. I tell her, SMILE or SHOW me teeth, it was too cute.
It’s only been a few days since we said good bye to Harley and I still see her around the house and it’s hard not to say her name. I know in time I’ll get past this pain. I truly hope she knew just how much I loved her, proud of her and was so honored to have her apart of my life … Forever in my heart and to never be forgotten…..
I Love you Harley ……….. (1998-2011)