In Memory of Georgia

Georgia Peach Whiskey, or as we called her, George, was born on 4th February
1996 Oconee County, GA.

We brought home this 8-week old ball of fluff, with razor sharp little
teeth, who proceeded to chew her way through shoes, books, kitchen chair
legs, underwear and into our hearts. We pledged to exercise this sporting
dog every day and over the next 11 years, we fulfilled our promise, keeping
both her and ourselves fit and healthy.

She quickly took over the house, the couches, our bed, under the table at
meal times and her favorite spot, watching out of the front window with her
nose resting on the window ledge.

Her favorite trick was stealing the TV remote, wanting to be chased and
then bribed with a biscuit to give it up. She knew the sound of the car
before it had even turned into the driveway and greeted us at the top of the
stairs with the gift of a shoe, and the corners of her mouth would turn up
in a definite smile.

At 4 months she broke her leg and throughout her life had a few cut pads and
damaged claws, but she was never sick.

In March, she hurt her leg and we were devastated to hear that she had a
tumor eating away at her leg bone. The prognosis was 6 to 9 weeks and a
second opinion confirmed the diagnosis.

For the past 11 years we had taken her to Florida once or twice a year and
decided to take one final time to the beach that she loved. With a ramp for
the car and a harness for the steps of the house, she played on the beach
and paddled in the sea one last time. We achieved our goal, we got her there
and back and we all felt the benefit.

Over the next few weeks, she slowly deteriorated and with pain management
from our vet, we made her as comfortable as possible. In the end, a decision
had to be made and at least one of us was strong enough to do so.

The void she leaves in our lives is massive. She was a security guard, an
exercise partner, a companion, friend and a member of our family. She was
beautiful, funny, affectionate, loving and very, very brave. We have many,
many happy memories and we will miss her forever.


I look for you
You little flame
You for me
Always the same,
In the breeze
rush of leaves,
A carpenter bee
on silent wings;
I wait for you,
I wait in vain,
I’ve loved you dearly
You little flame.