In Memory of Gator

To Our Beloved Gator

A miracle happened 16 years ago when you came into our lives. You were so small, so cute and so very full of life. You were the Alpha male (and still are) with the most loving soul. You saw us through many of life changes. . he good times & the bad. Gator, you were the glue that kept us together. You were the peace keeper between all of the animals (Rio, Jazz & Scottie). You were a constant sense of comfort in times of sickness & grief. You had many, many wonderful adventures. You always made us smile.

Gator- you loved to play, be in total control and above all you loved to EAT!! We know that your spirit is free and with us forever although we had to let you go.

We thank God everyday for the sweet but short 16 years we had you by our sides. How blessed we are that you enriched our lives in ways we never thought possible. We will never forget those gentle yellow eyes, fluffy, proud tail that wagged in such delight, and oh your majestic white mane. You were beautiful inside & out. You have left a significant imprint on our hearts we will carry with us until we are all together again. You were a true gift from God that we have cherished and loved so dearly. We look forward to that day when we have you in our arms again, as if time never passed.

Gator- you are always in our thoughts and now free to have many more wondrous adventures. You fought till the bitter end (maybe it was because we were having a hard time letting you go) but God came and released your beautiful soul. It is hard to believe that anyone could love you more than we did but God does.

May happiness and our love surround you always. Until we meet again. God Speed Gator Man,

We love you and will see you soon,

Your mommies
Shannon & Sherri