In Memory of Fluffy

1999 — December 10, 2007

Fluffy was a precious 10 year old bunny who lived in a habitat at Hickory Hills Elementary School for about 5 years. She was placed, in the habitat by someone else, as a small bunny. The school nurse and I became her caretakers.

In 2003, hawks were looking at Fluffy as a possible tasty morsel. That is when she came home to live in my computer room. She had 4 years of warmth, air conditioning, and salads twice a day. She was my heart from the start. Her favorite water was Dasani. I looked at her one day in the habitat and I thought to myself, she has not one soul on Earth who cares about her —. She became mine. I took care of her in the habitat and then my home until her very last day. She was a delight — pure love. I will miss her.

Stephanie Silvers