In Memory of Duchess

To Our Dearest Duchess,
As I sit here on the computer you are laying down by me in your bed as you normally would. We all knew this day would come and we have dreaded it. It has been a long hard road for you and the past two years have not been easy, but you were always a champ and always looked like you had a smile on your face.
When we rescued you ten years ago, we didn’t realize until we got you home that you had been abused and it wasn’t until a month had gone by that you would actually go to dad. You slept with us rolled up in a ball at the foot of our bed, and after a while you sprawled out and finally knew that you were home. You have always been a part of our hearts, from the most loving and licking dog to the most protective dog. If anyone came near a member of the family you were our protector and we knew that you would have done anything for us (and for that we are truly grateful since we all felt safe around you). You have given so much to all of us, that it hurts so much to actually be writing this knowing how short the time you have left with us is so near. We love you more than words can say.
You were a wonderful sister to Sunshine and Bobcat, and your motherly instinct kicked in when we adopted Lexi. You have been wonderful role model to her and she turned out to be a wonderful dog because of you. When Rudy was a puppy and went in the pool you were so upset, that you dragged him out by the scruff of his neck since you thought he was drowning even though he wasn’t.
The years have passed to quickly and it took you almost two years for you to finally get up the nerve to go into the swimming pool and after that there was no stopping you. You became a water dog and loved your ball, chewing it for hours.
We wanted the time that you had left with us to be happy and we tried our best to keep you well. But we look at you now knowing that you no longer want to eat and that time, age and your illness has won out. But please know that even though you are no longer in bed with us, we in fact were blessed for every day that you were with us. For every lick, every snuggle, and for your loving ways thank you.
We all love you and will miss you very much.

Mom, Dad, Lexi, Bobcat, Tara, Mike, Miles and Rudy