In Memory of Denny

Denny was my dream from when I was a little girl always loved Dobermans, and when I finally got the OK that I could start searching for my male doberman searched, and searched to finally find Denny that was 7 months old still intact but only raised with cats. We first had him fixed, and started immediate doggie school for him. After we were thru he was a good, and obedient boy with lots of energy, playfulness, and Love.

We started taking him for hiking, and even got his own backpack which he would get to a certain point then sould lay down then would only move once we took off the backpack & we started carrying it. Got to love a SMART DOG. Denny was so very spoiled, and until July of 2009 we got another rescue dobe (female) Vegas that became like his older sister to play & rough house with.

After a period of time was a very happy, spoiled, and loved boy to share our tmie with him always made it better. When I had bad days at the office he would come by put his head on my chest to say “It is ok, and I Love You…”. I will miss him always, and forever since he was my sunshine & happiness to make life better.

Love you Den-Den!!