In Memory of Dakota

Dakota absolutely loved to play fetch, from the time he was just a little puppy he would bring back anything you threw. Anytime you looked at him he would get excited and run to find something for you to throw. He especially liked the “rope” because he knew he could get a good tug-o-war out of you when he brought it back.

He also loved to chase the Frisbee and would try his best to catch it before it landed, occasionally catching one and excitedly running back to hear the praises of the tosser, always trying to please. He was so full of life right up to the end, I kept waiting for him to “calm down” in his older years but he never did. He still played like a puppy and loved every moment he could have your attention.

He got so excited when friends and family would come to visit, but in true “herding” fashion he would get really upset when they left. He had a heart condition for over a year and was taking medication for it, but you would never have known he was ill other than the occasional cough. He wanted to play, play, and play some more and I’m sure that’s what he’s still doing in heaven.