In Memory of Daisy Haines

June 27, 2001, July 14, 2008

Daisy was a Happy, Loving family member. There was not a person she didn’t want to greet or kiss, lus there wasn’t a lap that she didn’t want to sit on! If you sat down — she was on your lap.

Confidence was her style. You could never tell her she was little — because she was mighty! Daisy owned the neighborhood. You couldn’t walk by without her disapproval.

Daisy loved her Connie. After all, she got Connie to do everything she wanted and had it done Daisy’s way. Connie is whom she would run to when Mommy wanted her to behave. Connie understands me — would be the look on her face.

Her big sister, Sandy, always protected and looked after Daisy no matter how much trouble Daisy got them into. They were never apart from each other. Sandy loved Daisy — especially any food Daisy left in her bowl.

Now you have to understand Daisy did NOT like other dogs — only her sister. However, just recently, Daisy fell in love with a cute little Shih Tzu named Payton. She loved Payton and did her best to impress him — even though Payton really liked her sister, Sandy. That didn’t stop Daisy. She would still flirt with Payton.

Daisy’s perky personality will be missed by many, but none more then her Mommy, whom she always went to when she was sick or hurt — and sometimes when she just wanted to cuddle.

Daisy, our prayers and Love will always be with you. You were one special Diva!

Mommy, Connie and Sandy