In Memory of Daisy

One Easter Sunday, 18 years ago, a beautiful cat found her way into my parent’s backyard. It was a cool and misty day and this cat strolled into my parent’s home without hesitation. She curled up in a box with a blanket that we had quickly put together for our new Easter guest. She was so glad to be inside and warming up in her comfortable box.

Age wise, she appeared to be around one with an adorable face and a sweet personality. By the end of the evening my husband and I decided to adopt her and we named her Daisy. She had a golden color under her tiger coat and she was dainty. She took tiny steps when she walked quickly. I would call her twinkle toes when she walked this way. She had a wonderful disposition and was she was very vocal. She was constantly chattering and was rarely at a loss for cat words. She seemed like she was trying her best to communicate with us. As soon as we started petting her and talking to her she began to purr very loudly. She was an extremely sociable cat. She never ran and hid when any visitors entered our house. On the contrary, she was always right in the middle of the room whenever we had company, and very content with just listening to our conversations and watching all of us. She definitely did not want to miss out on anything.

She never expressed any fear when another animal crossed her path. There were many times when she greeted cats and dogs through the fence either with a loud meow or a hiss. She was definitely a persistent cat with a stubborn streak in her too. When she wanted to go outdoors, eat something or just sit on your lap, she made her request known immediately and did not back down until we obliged her. Sometimes she would follow us from room to room talking away until we gave her what she wanted.

She enjoyed sitting on our laps and sleeping at the end of the bed each night.
We trained Daisy to wear a leash, so; she could go outdoors and not wander away. To our surprise, she readily accepted being on a leash most of her life. We walked her 2- 3 times a day. Sometimes we thought that she was part dog. Daisy loved being outdoors and when she wasn’t outdoors, she enjoyed sitting on or near a window or door to sniff the fresh air and watch anything that moved outside. This was her favorite entertainment!

Over the years, we adopted three other stray cats that she gracefully accepted into her household. At times there were some confrontations with the other cats due to territoriality issues, but; usually it worked out okay for all involved. She always stood her ground when being confronted by one of the other cats, because after all, she was the first cat to live in our home and she knew it.

Recently, Daisy became ill with a rare liver condition. She developed cysts on her liver and the liver grew to twice its normal size. The oversized liver, then, put pressure on her stomach and intestines. After a while, she could not hold down food of any kind and she finally succumbed to this illness that does not even have a specific name. She did put up a good fight for a while which was her style.

My husband and I miss our sweet Daisy so very much. We know that we can never replace her, she was just too special. She brought such joy into our lives and we will never forget her. She was a very unique and special cat and we will love her forever!