In Memory of Cricket Emily Rogers

Cricket Emily Rogers
2/21/94 – 6/26/10

We first met only a few days after you were born. I had just started working at the kennel. I was not even sure what kind of dog you were. It had only been 3 months since I had lost my childhood dog. I got home and told my mom all about the puppies with the long noses. At first I looked at one of your brothers because he had a half black face. But the longer I helped take care of the liter I noticed that you were the first one to look up and run to me. I was hooked. I brought you home on my 17th birthday. You just fit in side my hands. The ride was a little scary at first because of the music on the radio. I petted you and you perked up and realized it was ok. That was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you and I.

As we were growing up we were inseparable. You went on vacation with me, went and hung out at friend houses. When I lost my dad you were there for me to hold while I cried. Putting your head on my shoulder and grunting that you understood. When my mom died you were there for a repeat performance. Every time I cried you would run to me to comfort me.

I was concerned when I got married because Chuck said you couldn’t sleep in the bed. He “learned” pretty quickly that he was out of luck. You had ALWAYS slept under the covers right next to me and that was not going to change.

I worried about jealousy when I had my first child. You just kinda looked at him and must of thought, “we’ll see”. After a few weeks you realized that as long as there was room at my side that you would have to share. Before you got in the chair you would just look at me and wait for me to make the room. I did it without a second glance.

I stayed with you until the very end. Your body became too weak to stand. I slept with you on the floor that night like we use to both of our heads on the pillow snuggled up under the blankets. It was the hardest decision that I had ever made, but I could not see you suffer any longer. I could see it in your eyes. I held you and whispered into your ears “I love you, my sweet angel. It is OK for you to go.”

As I cry tonight, I can feel your head on my chest and hear a little grunt.

I miss you my sweet angel. I’ll be looking for you to run to me again.