In Memory of Courage and Kelsey

Courage bka Couragie or Mergie – April 8, 1992 to July 25, 2007
Kelsey bka Melshey or Melshey Moogie – January 14, 1993 to April 10, 2007

I remember when we first decided to get a puppy. Your Daddy specifically said he always wanted a Golden Retriever. I never had a dog of my own so I didn’t know about Golden’s. All he cared about was that it was a Golden and we wanted a Girl. We sat down with great thought about your name over an imported beer named John Courage and that’s how your name came about. You know Daddy loves his imported beers. The first time we saw you it was love at first sight and you definitely lived up to your name for 15 years. Courage, you have been the best friend a girl could ever have! You have always made me feel loved, special and most definitely needed. Your love I could always count on whether I had a good day or a bad day. I loved how you always waited for me to wake up every morning and to go to bed every night. How you slept by my feet when I fell asleep on the couch, which I used to tell him was our girl’s slumber party when Daddy and Kelsey came looking for us in the morning. You and Kelsey have filled every home we ever lived in with so much love and joy including every holiday spent and every road trip taken. Take care of each other and we know that you’re still loving us from above! Thank you both, for being two of the Greatest Love’s Of Our Lives! & The Best Little Girls In The Whole Wide World! I Will Always Love You! Mommy, xoxo.

I am sitting here in our quiet home missing you. Even though you and Courage had slowed down, it is still very quiet without the two of you. I remember seeing you for the first time running out with all of your brothers, you were all cute little balls of fur. Now after 14 years and 3 different states, its going to take a long time for things to feel ‘normal’ without you around. Take care of Courage, you are loved very much and will always be in my heart. Love, Daddy.