In Memory of Cordelia

Cordelia came into my life in May of 2004, when she was nine months old and needed a new home. I was living with my parents and grandmother at the time but she was comfortable immediately. She was very curious and found the fish bowl particularly interesting. She then went to New York with her first mom Connie to get fixed. When she returned I had a new home, that although it was small, it was perfect for Willow, Cordelia and me. Even though she wasn’t a kitten anymore she still loved adventure and gave me a scare one night when she got out and on top of the roof! Cordelia also found the Christmas tree irresistible and Willow would let her know that it wasn’t ok to play with the ornaments. Willow was like her bossy big sister. She also loved going to Chester, although the 2 hour ride was tough. Once we arrived she always made herself at home and she loved all the plants in the house.

We moved again, a whole two miles, to a whole house, with Derek joining us as well. Cordelia adjusted immediately and here is where I started letting them go outside. I somehow managed to train them to stay in the yard, as it was fenced in and Cordelia loved every minute of her outside time. She was always curious about the driveway and one time got into our neighbors yard! She got to be a pretty good hunter and would regularly bring me live chipmunks. One time she did harm a chipmunk and its back legs were paralyzed! She also got into a fight with one and Cordelia got a scratch on her little nose. Then she upgraded to birds and killed one bird and almost caught a second. She never gave up.

In September we moved once more all the way to Georgia and after having a little accident in the first hour on the way down she did fine. She loved having another new place to explore and adjusted well, especially to having more of my attention. She loved going outside more often as the sunset was later and it wasn’t that cold in the winter. She was my alarm clock on my days off as she just couldn’t wait for breakfast. Cordelia was an amazing companion to me while Derek wasn’t here and regularly slept on his side of the bed with me. She always knew when I wasn’t feeling well or had a bad day and her loud, comforting, soothing purr always helped.

She wasn’t the smartest character but she was very beautiful and could always make me smile. I wish I knew what happen at the end, as Derek and I left the evening of Saturday July 3 to go to Connecticut for a wedding and when we came back on Monday evening she was lying on the guest room floor near the door. I hope that Willow was there for her even though they didn’t always get along. She was almost 7 year old and will always be our wonderful little munchkin. There is a special place in my heart for Cordelia and I will always miss her!!