In Memory of Chopper

“Chopper” 6/20/2011
Our silver-haired miniature schnauzer was about two or three years old when he came into our lives about eight years ago. Even though he was full grown he took to us as his new Mommy and Daddy. “The son we never had” as my wife would often say…

He was already taught a trick. Ask him if he wanted a cookie (dog treat), and he would run inside his pet carrier to receive his reward. He slept in his pet carrier at night, and stayed in it during the day while we were at work.

Chopper loved to go for walks. A lot of our weekends were planned around places where we could go and take him walking. If he could talk he would probably say Red Top Mountain was his favorite place because he would never get tired walking through the trails. It was all you could do sometimes to just hold on to his leash because he would be pulling so hard! He had a very peculiar way of doing #2. He would back up to a tree with his rear end above his head and do his business! Never saw anything like this before, and probably never will again!!!

Chasing after rabbits, squirrels and birds was another of his passions. NO squirrel or bird could set foot in the back yard while he was in it! The area where we used to live had a large rabbit population. I had a bright idea the first time to let him see a rabbit in our front yard by carrying him in my arms to see it. He leaped from arms and the chase was on!!! No more looking at rabbits without him on a leash.

My wife was concerned that Chopper needed a girlfriend. So we had a friend to bring a pretty black miniature schnauzer with her when she came to visit us from Mexico. He was a proud Papa of four girls and two boys seven months later! I guess she was right…. We kept one of the puppies named Junior which became his shadow. Chopper couldn’t make a move unless Junior was right behind him!

Another strange thing Chopper would do was whenever my wife and I would put him in his pet carrier and leave the house; he would begin to cry something terrible. We never understood why he did this until today….

We love you Chopper and miss you very much!

Mommy and Daddy