In Memory of Cheyenne

Cheyenne was born in Langley, SC on October 1, 1996. She came to her forever home with us on December 21 of the same year. People usually choose the puppy they want from a litter, but Cheyenne picked me out. She pounced on my feet and untied my shoelaces over and over.

Cheyenne brought so much joy to our lives with her silly puppy antics and her gentle, loving manner. She grew into a well-mannered adult dog that was more than a pet. She was a member of our family.

Her passing leaves us sad yet happy that she is free of pain and illness. Our house is filled with memories of her from the pictures, toys, bowls, and her collar and dog tags to her favorite chair that she grew too weak to climb into. Our memories are full of good times we shared. Our hearts are full of love for her.

Cheyenne passed away at home on July 2, 2007 from complications related to liver disease. She will be forever missed.